Wednesday, 5 January 2011

We have blog!

i was just thinking about creating a new blog where i could write about my life but in enlish.
And you may ask why. Well, the first reason is because i’m a freshman, from a Translation course so, as a future translator, i really need pratice.
Lately as i haven’t done that, i noticed that my english level was going down, some grammar mistakes, some misspelled words  and stuff like that. So i had an idea:
What if i used my old blog to write about what i want, but in english?!....
Here i am!!! Yeiahh....
Okay, now you think: you are crazy, you have just said that you want a blog to write in english, but the name of the blog is french.
Yes it is, because it was my old blog. I choosed the name just because i liked and thought it was cute or something. 
Ah, by the way, “La Poupée de Chiffon” means “The rag doll”, indeed i think it sounds better in french than in english or even portuguese, my native language, that would be “A boneca de trapos”. So the french its okay, i really don’t care and even if i did, i’m to lazy too change it.
Hope you enjoy the blog, and sorry if i made some written errors, but that’s just why i’m here.
To improve!

Bye-bye J

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